Rabu, 15 Juni 2011

Not Just You - Cody Simpson lyric

Darling, I know your heart's seen better times
I know our songs had better rhymes
Before today
Darling, I guess I made the wrong mistakes
I understand if you need your space
Please take your time

Before you go away you need to realize

Baby, it's not just you
You know it hurts me too
Watching you leave
With tears on your sleeve
Notice that mine aren't exactly dry
Baby, it's not just you
That's hurting
It's me too

I'm sory
I wasn't there to catch the fall
I didn't hear you when you've called
All of those nights
Please don't forget the good days with me
I can make back the heart aching beat
When it gets dark and it's hard to see
I'll turn on the lights

Before you go away you need to realize

Baby, it's not just you
You know it hurts me too
Watching you leave
With tears on your sleeve
Notice that mine aren't exactly dry
Baby, it's not just you
That's hurting
It's me too

Kamis, 09 Juni 2011

100 facts about Cody Simpson !!

1. He was born in Gold Coast, Queensland Australia

2. Cody was born in January 11 1997

3. He was born on a Saturday

4. His dad is Brad Simpson

5. His mom is Angie Simpson

6. His sister is Alli Simpson

7. His brother is Tom Simpson

8. He has a dog named Molly

9. He is 5'7 (sekitar 163cm tinggi badan cody) *skg 170cm

10. He loves cereal

11. His favourite cereal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch

12. He loves italian food

13. He is capricorn

14. He is 14 year old

15. His middle name is Robert. So Cody Robert Simpson

16. He is a swimmer

17. He know how to surf

18. He loves his fans

19. He would like to date a fan

20. He loves harry potter

21. He has picture of his family in his room

22. He has a belt with the Australian flag

23. He follows more than 38.000 people in twitter

24. His sister gets annoyed because he sings 24 hours a day

25. he loves to use leader jackets

26. His celebrity crush is Victoria Justice

27. He is looking for a girl that can make him laugh and doesn't take everything too seriouse

28. Cody worst date moment was when he spilled popcorn on his date at the movie theater. Lol

29. Cody said, " my fans don't love me because i'm succesful, i'm succesful because they love me." awwaw

30. He was discovered a little more than a year ago

31. He support Rebecca Black

32. Cody joined twitter on October 3, 2009, and his username used to be @simpsoncody

33. Cody gets about 1000 followers on twitter each day

34. He like to give chocolates to girls instead of flowers

35. He like to be just a regular kid in his house and have a regular family

36. He doesn't care about being compared with JB! He says its an honor (?)

37. He is a christian

38. He loves to go shopping with his sister so he can ask her how he looks

39. He thinks haters make him stronger

40. His favorite song from his 4U album is ALL DAY

41. He's thinking about doing a world tour this year

42. He loves to spend time wit his lil siss

43. He loves theme parks

44. The first thing hee sees in a girl are her eyes

45. He really good friend wit greyson chance

46. Girls are his inspiration for song

47. The first song he wrote was about a chicken

48. His ex girlfriend is named ABBY

49. He has a 4-album deal with Atlantic Records

50. Cody doesn't understand why girls always on their phone, chewing gum, and worried about their clothes, haha

51. His favorite city is New York

52. His inspiration is Justin Timberlake

53. His favorite animals are turtles and eagles

54. His favorite colors are blue and green

55. His favorite ice cream flavor is cookie dough.

51. Cody says he wakes up in the middle of the night&goes on twitter from his phone, & his mom always yells at home

52. Cody has green eyes and has a black rim around the color of his eyes

53. Cody has a basketball hoop in his closet

54. Cody mentioned that alli definitely takes a lot longer to get ready that him.

55. Cody said that loves cereal so much because it tastes really good and its really sugary

56. Cody said he would ask out a girl by singging 'love so strong' and then say 'will you go out with me?'

57. Cody said that he isnt planning on growing a mustache anytime soon

58. If cody could be any fictional character he'd be spiderman

59. Codys words to live by are 'treat others the way you want to be treated

60. Cody wants to help people who are less fourtunate than he is

61. Cody lebih mementingkan pendidikan dibanding segalanya

62. Ketika umur 9tahun saat hallowen cody memakai kostum power ranger

63. Setelah lama rekaman cody suka istirahat di tempat tidur sambil bersantai, dan nyender kepala

64. Cody lebih suka makan pizza daripada kentang goreng setelah karaokean

65. At first cody thought the words 'iYiYi' for song was stupid

66. When codys get in trouble on the road he gets his iphone4 take away

67. Cody suka membantu mom Angie untuk makan malam

68. Ketika cody bersama cambo, josh, ben, jake, dan teman lainnya dia suka bermain video games

69. Cody always tries to be himself to try and get girls, and it always work

70. Cody mengatakan untuk mendapatkan perhatiannya saat show, kamu harus mau dia peluk

71. Cody pernah berkata kalo liburan favoritenya adalah saat Thanksgiving dan Christmas

72. Tom, cody's little brother once drew all over a cody's face a poster at a signing

73. Adik perempuan cody, alli membuat twitter 3bulan sebelum cody, yaitu tanggal 23 juli 2009

74. Ketika umur cody 11tahun dia membuat lagu berjudul ayam pakai popok xD

75. Although cody can be shy around girls, he is defidently smooth, a big flirt, and a real charmer

76. Model di video music All day namanya Yasmin, dia dari australia, umurnya 16tahun
her twitter is @YasminBaildon

77. Nah kalo di video music iyiyi modelnya adalah scarlett, umurnya sama kayak cody. Her twitter's @scarleyrose :)

78. Ini nih username sahabatnya cody: @cambo97 @jwinno @beneastwell @jthrupp97

79. Team sepakbola favorite cody itu Baltimore Revens dan team baseball fav nya itu Yankees

80. His favorite movie is The Hangover and his favorite TV Show is The Mentalist

81. Cody is adding a recording studio to his house his family just bought in LA

82. Saat perform lagu yg paling cody suka nyanyikan adalah iYiYi

83. Saat olimpiade berenang yg memenangkan medali, cody berenang dengan gaya kupu-kupu

84. Cody and yasmin only had to jump into the swimming pool in the All day video one time, he said the pool was FREEZING

85. The girls dancing in the beginning of all day are Jordan Wentz and Marissa Vela-Bailey

86. The girl cody texts the most is his mom

88. Finally cody calls the USA his home now!!

89. Cody listens to Justin Timberlake on his ipod because it gets him going for the day

90. Alli said "cody is the best brother to go to for advice. He's always helping me figure out things"

91. Akhirnya sekarang cody bisa meyebut USA sebagai rumahnya juga

92. Cody lebih suka pelajaran matematika daripada sejarah. Tapi pelajaran favoritenya itu english

93. Cody said, " i'm happy to be in the USA. It's different but fun."

94. Cody writes almost all of songs, he says, " aku menulis lagu tentang pengalamanku"

95. One of cody's motto's was and still is "family comes first" before anything.

96. Di video music all day, ketika alarm cody bunyi itu menunjukkan hari Selasa, 11 januari pukul 8:01 am

97. Koreografer dance cody di vc All day itu Darrien Henning :D

98. The allday mv directed by David Ovenshire

99. Olimpiade renang yg pernah dimenangin cody itu menggunakan gaya kupu-kupu sejauh 200m, dan kalian tau waktu yg ditempuh? 2:24.44 wow keren kan


enjoy :))